Franchesca Beau – Originally from the U.K. She moved here with family in 1989. She then moved to her husband’s homeland in Switzerland for 6 years, then returned in 2008.

Mostly self taught. She was lucky to paint with Catherine Grawin for the last few years she was with us. Have taken work shops with John Burton, Ray Roberts, Tom Balderas, Stacey Kamin, Mark Kerckhoff.  Have shown and sold watercolor at The Palace Hotel, Gstaad. Have shown and sold with LAPAPA. Have submitted and been accepted last 5 years San Diego Fair Fine Art. Placing and receiving highly commended. Seven accepted last year.

Franchesca is Influenced by American, European and Russian Impressionism. Style is Impressionism/expressionist. Sometimes bordering on abstract. She likes to paint big but have all sizes. Mostly oil. “I have always loved art and nature”. Franchesca is also a collector. For past several years she has put all spare energy and time into painting and growing. She feels ready to push herself to the next level.